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Welcome to the web site of PEG, the Photonics and Electromagnetics Group of the Department of Information Engineering at the University of Padova.
The term "Photonics" was coined in the late '60s to denote a research field whose primary goal was - and still is - to use light (either visible, or in the near infrared) to perform functions that fall within the typical domain of electronics: telecommunications, sensing, control, information processing, and the like.
By definition, such a field is immense. Therefore, a Group interested in it must select a limited number of items out of an unlimited list, and focus sharply on them. This choice is in part spontaneous, in part induced by external requirements and suggestions. In the following pages, you will find details on the topics that we chose to work on, and on our contribution to their exploration and exploitation.
As you will read surfing this site, our Group has always been interested and involved in cooperations with other research Groups from either Universities, Government Institutions or private Companies. We believe that these cooperations are the ideal breeding ground for a sparkling research activity.
Yet this activity would relentlessly wither without a constant supply of new, fresh ideas and forces. Therefore, Students interested in Ph.D. or Master theses about Photonics issues are welcome, and may find information and some proposals in these pages.
In wishing you a pleasant surfing we hope that this web site will be the first contact for new and fruitful cooperations.

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Photonics and Electromagnetics Group
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