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Contact: Marco Santagiustina

The new broadband access network is a strategic infrastructure for the sustainable development. There are different available technological solutions for Next Generation Access Network (NGAN) development which companies need to evaluate in making investment decisions and adopt the approach more in line with existing installations and market conditions. However, nowadays, Point to Multipoint (P2MP) architecture, implemented through Passive Optical Network (PON) systems, appears to be obtaining the favor of almost all the main European operators. PON systems present some advantages, such as the absence of electrical power supply in the primary and secondary links and the reduced operational costs; however, the bandwidth resources are shared among multiple users, which access the network in a centrally controlled fashion. The research activities in PONs address several sub-topics like: 1) PON monitoring through OTDR techniques; 2) modelling of RSOAs for their usage in colorless PONs; 3) modelling OFDM transmission in RSOAs based PONs.
Photonics and Electromagnetics Group
University of Padova - Via Gradenigo 6/B - Padova (Italy)
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