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Research on fiber optics for telecommunication at the University of Padova began in the early 80s. It was initially funded by the Ministry of Communications (ISPT), the National Research Council (CNR), and Telettra spa. It was also supported by local engineering companies, which in turn founded SAIFO, a small company devoted to training their staff in this new field. Close cooperation was also established soon with Fondazione Ugo Bordoni, Roma. The field of interest grew to involve all sides of photonics and opto-electronics.
The group grew quickly in the 90s with the injection of several Ph.D. students. Some of them are still members of the team, while others became Professors elsewhere (Brescia, Udine) or research managers in outstanding Italian companies. Since then, the group has participated in several multilateral research projects, either national or of the European Union (Esther, Atlas, Gospel), which involved Government institutions (ISCTI, CNIT), private companies, Universities and Research Centers.  

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