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UWB Antennas

: Antonio-Daniele Capobianco

The commercialization of wireless devices based on the principles of ultra-wideband (UWB) technology is widely anticipated given the recent endorsement by US regulators and Europe's efforts in the same direction. The commercial prospects and the technical challenges to be overcome when developing and deploying UWB systems have spurred a rapidly growing activity within the wireless industry and research institutions, mainly in North America.
A particularly challenging area at the physical level is undoubtedly the antenna design and implementation for UWB radio devices. Generally, pervasive communication devices require small and preferably non-obtrusive antennas that can be integrated into miniature devices and are capable to operate effectively under varying environmental conditions, often in near-field propagation conditions. The design and implementation of effective antennas is much more challenging for UWB radio systems than for conventional narrowband systems given the large bandwidths, high gains and variable conditions of operation. Moreover, since the UWB is not a standard in the European Community yet, definitive antenna designs cannot be performed and used. As a matter of fact, in this scenario the capability of modify the apparatus according to the new standard is mandatory.
Our group is engaged in researches devoted to perform low cost antennas for communication and measurement systems. The attention is focused on planar technology which at the state of the art seems the best compromise between cost and performances. Planar antennas such as monopoles, tapered, bow-tie and so on cover practically every type of applications, however their design and specially their realization using different commercial and novel substrates is still improvable in order to achieve better antenna performances and reproducibility.

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