Spectral and temporal control of femtosecond pulses by second order nonlinear processes

The aim of the Project is the control and manipulation of spectral and temporal properties of near-infrared sub-50 fs pulses through nonlinear interactions in bulk and waveguide geometry. The materials to be considered are the “periodically-poled” lithium niobate (PPLN) and stoichiometric lithium tantalate (PPSLT), which allow high nonlinearity and high GVM regimes to be explored. The final applicative target of the Project is the realization of one of two prototypal devices: i) a frequency shifter providing tunability to a femtosecond laser source with fixed frequency (e.g. a fibre laser), ii) a spectral compressor for converting with high efficiency broadband femtosecond pulses in narrowband picosecond pulses.

Funding source    MIUR, PRIN Grant

Period     2006-2008


Department of Physics, Politecnico of Milano;
Department of Electronics, Computer Science and Systems, University of Bologna