PMD-SOS: Polarization Mode Dispersion in Single-mode Optical fiber Systems

The aim of the project is to develop measurement techniques to understand more on fiber drawing process finalized to improve fiber quality for ultra wide band applications for long haul systems (at 40 Gbit/s and beyond) as well as MAN (100 GBit Ethernet) and to propose techniques to mitigate PMD effects by means of new fiber design (for new installations) and PMD compensators (for in service systems). To this aim, the project comprises a theoretical and numerical activity for the analysis of optical fibers birefringence so as to find out precise criteria for the design of ultra-low PMD spun fibers. In fact, although a large part of the optical fibers on the market at present are already spun, a recipe for the choice of the optimal spin does not exist. Moreover, it is necessary to understand which spin functions allow at the same time efficient PMD reduction, technological feasibility and robustness to eventual imperfections and influence on distributed amplification. Furthermore, the project will focus on design, development and testing of lumped PMD compensator for systems operating at 10 Gbit/s and beyond. A PMD compensator prototype where the feedback signal will be based on the degree of polarization of the distorted optical signal will be implemented.


Funding source    Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, MAE

Period     2008-2011


Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Department of Physics, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Contact     Andrea Galtarossa